We’re In Daily Candy’s Guide to Green DC Today!

logo-regularSeven years ago, a colleague introduced me to the NYC version of DailyCandy. With it’s witty write-ups, cute illustrations, and spot-on recommendations for the latest, greatest products and services, I became an instant fan. It became an invaluable guide for finding good stuff in The City.

When I moved to the DC area three years ago, I was sad to find out that there was no DC version of Daily Candy. How was I to navigate my new environs? Who could I turn to for inside info on the hottest DC trends? As if in answer to my concern, Daily Candy launched their DC version one month after I arrived in The District. I was delighted.

The first thing I found through Daily Candy was a source for the best cupcakes ever — it turned out that they were available in a coffee shop right across the street from my apartment! And I’ve since found just about everything I’ve needed: hair salons, spas, organizing consultants, restaurants and so much more.

So, it was an honor and a thrill to be featured in today’s issue of Daily Candy Washington, DC as part of their green guide. Daily Candy says, “Who knows what you’re ingesting with each smack of that lipstick? New, all-natural, local line Herban Lifestyle is the balm. (It has organic scrubs, oils, and lavender dream pillows, too.)” Thanks Daily Candy!


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