Kudos from Balance/Act

ba1Yesterday we were featured in a post on Balance/Act, a blog on sustainable living in the DC area. Balance/Act covers a range of green topics, and provides lots ideas for local sustainable shopping and environmental resources.

Here’s what they said about our Tangerine Dreamsicle lip balm:

“DC/metro girls put down that lip-tingling-chemical-whatever-it-is! A local, organic artisan is hard at work making beautiful, all natural, and dare we say…tasty lip balms. Herban Lifestyle is based out of Falls Church, VA and offers your cranky lips a choice between Dolce de Limone or Tangerine Dreamsicle balm flavors.

“Did we mention herbal lifestyle is all natural? Want us to prove it to you? Ok we will!”

Then they go on to compare the ingredients in a typical Bonnie Bell lip balm to my lip balm. Unlike the commercial brand, which has several suspected carcinogens, my list of ingredients is very simple and pure.

Thank you so much for the kudos, Balance/Act!


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