Packaging Dilemna


Preserve 100% recycled tableware

Preserve's 100% recycled tableware

Over the past couple of months, I have received several requests from my customers for lip balm in tubes. I have avoided using plastic in my packaging, especially plastic that is not recycled or easily recyclable. And, as part of a special project I am working on, I chose to go with the plastic tubes for portability and price and display purposes. Trying not to feel too guilty, I took note that many brands, even socially responsible personal care product brands, use tubes for their lip balm. So, I did some research to try and find a satisfactory plastic tube.


All I could find were lip balm tubes made from HDPE (aka #5 plastic), which is not recycled in many places. I did find that some large personal care product companies offer lip balm tubes made of post-consumer recycled plastic, but I have not been able to find any that I can purchase. It seems they must have their tubes made to order.

As a compromise, I decided I would only offer plastic lip balm tubes if I could find a way to make recycling possible. 

I was very happy to find Preserve’s Gimme 5 program. This company manufactures colorful  tootbrushes and plasticware from 100% postconsumer recycled plastic, and they collect #5 plastic for recycling. They will accept the lip balm tubes if they are clean.

So, I am offering to collect any empty Herban Lifestyle™ lip balm tubes. In exchange, I will send a coupon good for one free trial-sized body balm or massage oil (value $2.50). For more info, contact me at info [at] herbanlifestyle dot com.


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