Sundance Film Festival Gift Bags

Spike Lee at Sundance Film Festival Holding An Eco-Friendly Gift Bag   




Spike Lee during Sundance Film Festival Holding An Eco-Friendly Gift Bag

In mid-January in Park City, Utah played host to the 2009 Sundance Film Festival. And during the 10 days of film festival festivities, Park City Television played host to 76 different filmmakers (plus cast members and documentary subjects) and 21 musical acts in their studio.

Each of the over 200 guests left with an organic cotton tote bag from Fierce Hugs containing a nice selection of eco-friendly goodies provided by local companies. A few non-local companies provided items for the gift bags, and Herban Lifestyle was one of them. Ori Hoffer, who spearheaded the quest for earth-friendly items lived in the DC area for 9 years before moving to Utah, so said he considered me to be local in some sense 🙂

Some of my favorite actors and directors walked away with a tin of my Tangerine Dreamsicle lip balm, including John Krasinski, Kyle MacLachlan, Spike Lee, and Kevin Spacey.

You can see the full list of directors, stars and contributing companies on Park City TV’s blog.


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