Green Is Calling You

greencommunicationsThe following is a guest post by Julia Guarino

I try to be as green a I can in all aspects of my life, but is it possible to think green when you are making decisions about everyday products like cell phones and credit card companies?

It is! I recently became an individual member of Green America, which publishes the National Green Pages – a listing of environmentally and socially responsible businesses. (Incidentally, Herban Lifestyle recently applied to be a member of their Green Business Network). They list businesses in almost any category you can think of, and (speaking from experience) their screening process is extensive, so you can feel good about working with any of the businesses they include.

One of my favorite Green companies – one that I have had a credit card with and that my family purchased long distance phone services through for years, and which I discovered has recently started a mobile phone service called CREDO Mobile on the Sprint Network – is Working Assets. They donate a portion of the revenue from their reliable, high-quality services to nonprofits “Supporting peace, equality, human rights and the environment.” This has amounted to over $60 million since 1985. You can read about the nonprofits they support, and even vote on who they should support next year, here.

So, the next time you’re looking for any new service, or thinking of switching from any of your old providers, take a look at the Green Pages! And when you’re there, keep an eye out for Herban Lifestyle!


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