Soul Pancake and Wordle

wordle-words3I just found out about a fun website from my new favorite website, Soul Pancake. Soul Pancake is an interactive community, created by actor Rainn Wilson as a place where people can come together to ask and answer questions about life, spirituality, creativity and more. In their own words, “SoulPancake is, quite simply, the only place on the Web to debate, wrestle with, and explore creativity AND spirituality. We’re more than a forum. We’re a community. Express yourself. Debate a new friend.” Only a few days old, it is already full of videos, photos, musings, giving you plenty of opportunities for self-expression.

As for Wordle, it is a simple, fun web-based program that allows you to express your self-expression, by turning your words into art. To create your own word art, simply enter any text, and Wordle will create word clouds. You can play with the type face, color schemes and orientation of the words. This image resulted from the text from the About page on the Herban Lifestyle website.


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