Thanks, Posh Mom!

mccbalmI just came across a review of my mint chocolate chip lip balm on the The Posh Mom Life. I was happy to find out about their website, which is a place filled with all sorts of great information on beauty, fashion, health, food and more all geared toward the interests of the hip mom.

They describe it this way: “This all-natural lip balm is almost good enough to eat.” And this is no mere coincidence! This balm is made from organic ingredients that are all edible (except the beeswax). I developed it at a time when I was trying to lower my cholesterol. My naturopath had put me on something of an elimination diet, which kept me away from things like dairy, wheat and sugar. Since one of my passions is dessert, I found that I was creating bath and body products that emulated some of my favorite sweets. Hence, mint chocolate chip lip balm!


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