Happy Etsy Day!

3821-etsyday24Over the past few years, there has been a rising interest in crafting and DIY. And more recently, as the economy has taken a a downturn, many more people are turning to the ideals of simple, handmade. There is a satisfaction you get from making things yourself that you can never attain by just buying stuff. And you have the comfort of knowing exactly what when into it (e.g., natural ingredients, no sweatshop labor, no lead). I like the idea of getting back to basics.

Etsy is a platform for artisans who are part of this cultural shift, and has enabled individual crafters to reach an broad audience from the comfort of their own home. And not only is it a platform for selling one’s crafts, it is also a huge community of like-minded individuals who come together over the ideals of DIY. 

I joined Etsy last May, and started selling items in August. Since then, I have met tons of really talented, friendly crafters, working across a wide array of mediums. We have a love of crafting in common, even though we are located all over the world. Although, I’ve also connected with lots of local crafters, and have been contacted by local businesses asking to carry my products, which they have found on Etsy. 

If you are not on Etsy yet, I recommend that you take a look around. It’s a visual smorgasbord! And if you try it out for a while, you will see why such an enthusiastic community has grown up around it.

Happy Etsy Day!


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