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healthegoods-logoI am happy to announce that Herban Lifestyle™ products are now available at HealthE Goods. They carry environmentally-friendly products, as well as a wide array of items that support natural health, including herbal medicines, homeopathics, light therapy, yoga equipment, and even mattresses.

Dr. Benjamin Lynch, owner of HealthE Goods, approached me about selling my products through their store. When I looked into their mission and their focus, I was flattered to be included with all the other carefully selected items. Dr. Lynch has a fascinating background, and is dedicated to the idea of natural health, particularly preventive health. As an undergraduate, he spent a year backpacking through the South Pacific and Southeast Asia, at one point volunteering with Mother Teresa in Calcutta. While in India, he became severely ill and an East Indian friend took him to a local Ayurvedic physician who prescribed herbal medicines, resulting in his instant recovery from what had appeared to be Malaria. This, quite naturally, got him interested in Complementary Medicine!

He went on to earn a doctorate in naturopathic medicine, and decided to focus on Environmental Medicine. The HealthE Goods website is full of great information on a variety of medical conditions and methods for treating them naturally.


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