The Sun Is Shining on Ren

brightsideThank you to all of you who entered to win one of my gift sets through The Bright Side Project. In order to win prizes from The Bright Side Project, entrants have to answer questions posed by each day’s featured artisans. I had a really difficult time choosing a winner since there were so many clever and insightful answers to my question, “What is your super power, or what do you wish it was?”

I ended up choosing about 50 great answers, then chose one winner via Random Number Generator. It turned out to be one submitted by Ren. It had made me laugh when I read it the first time:

“i have long maintained that i AM a super hero…of sorts. an un-extraordinary one. i call myself “the contusion” and my power is inflicting painful sprains and uncomfortable bruises. it’s not much but you wouldn’t believe how it can stop bad guys in their tracks with an “ow! that kind of hurt”. i have a side kick too…sister blister. she’s pretty much self explanatory.”

Congratulations, Ren!


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