The Make It Green! Initiative

photo copyright Arbor Day Foundation

Last week, I received an email from a German company, Kaufda, introducing an initiative they have created called “Make it green!” They said that if I write a short blog post about their program and include one of their “My blog is carbon neutral” buttons on my blog, they would plant a tree in my blog’s honor – for each participating blog, they will plant one tree. The trees will be planted through the Arbor Day Foundation in Plumas National Forest in Northern California. For more information about how and where the trees are planted, you can visit Kaufda’s website.

According to the email I received, Kaufda’s Make It Green initiative’s goal is “to contribute our part in reducing the carbon footprint by raising awareness of the severe environmental damage caused by carbon emissions. One of our activities is to raise awareness of the carbon emissions resulting from the use of the internet – specifically of blogs. A blog with 15,000 visits a month has a yearly carbon dioxide emissions of 8lb. To neutralise these emissions we have created “My blog is carbon neutral” buttons so bloggers can demonstrate that they care about the environment and the carbon footprint of their blogs. We present them a small but nontheless worthy solution to contribute to environmental issues. Our idea is to show possibilities to make a contribution to protect the environment.”

I had a few questions about this, since I have never heard of this company, nor this initiative — who are they, why are they doing this, and is it for real? As they explain on their website, they are “a German based company called kaufDA, which provides advertisement brochures of local stores online to help consumers search for specific products and find good deals in their neighborhood. This reduces the amount of brochures printed and so the project helps the environment by reducing unnecessary paper in mailboxes,” so if they can get the word out about their company through bloggers’ word-of-mouth, I expect that is worth the cost of each tree. Plus, the promotion appears to be a good tie-in with their paperless, online approach.

Then I did a search to see if I could find out if other bloggers were participating, and I came across a reassuring post on It appears that RecycleBills’ Mr. Jones did his homework and actually wrote to the Arbor Day Foundation to verify Kaufda’s claims. The Arbor Day Foundation’s response is posted on his website — it appears that Kaufda’s claims are true.

While I cannot verify that planting one tree will make my blog carbon neutral, I am happy to support an initiative that helps with reforestation. So, I have added my button, and am passing along the word about this interesting initiative. If you have a blog, and would like to participate, you can visit the Kaufda’s website.


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