Wineberry Surprise! A True Harbinger of Summer

Happy Summer Solstice!

After being on the road for 9 days, I was eager to survey my yard to see how the gardens were doing. Happily, they had fared well in my absence. But our white mulberry tree was completely devoid of fruit, showing no evidence at all that they had been there!

However, as I was checking out the tomatoes (which had not been there when I left), I noticed a spot of red next to my tool shed. On closer inspection, I discovered some wild wineberries in the making!

In the past couple of years, we have discovered a few choice raspberry foraging areas throughout Virginia, and have been eagerly awaiting the time when they will be ready for the pickin’ – there are few things as delicious as raspberries straight from the bush. So it was a huge thrill to find the domestic raspberry’s Asian relative right here in our yard. The vine appears to have climbed up under the fence from the neighboring property. I have included a photographic showing the unromantic reality of my wineberry bush’s existence below. I love how tenacious nature can be!

Since childhood, raspberries have been harbingers of summer to me. We had a single raspberry bush in our backyard in Connecticut, and I looked forward to fresh raspberries for dessert in late July/early August. We also had friends with a large untamed property who had dozens of raspberry bushes, with plenty of fruit for the taking if you didn’t mind getting pretty scratched up in the process. I thought it was worth it! To me, raspberries taste like the epitome of summer.

And now I have to wait patiently for another week or two before the berries are ready to be harvested. Let me know if you have any favorite wineberry recipes. I plan to make something fun out of them, if there are any left by the time we get home from our foraging adventure 🙂

[Note: after receiving a comment from a reader, I added some info to this post, and changed the title from “Raspberry Surprise!” to “Wineberry Surprise!” Thank you to Amelia of Gradually Greener!]

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17 thoughts on “Wineberry Surprise! A True Harbinger of Summer

  1. Lovely! But I believe those are actually wineberries, a wild member of the rubus family (related to the domesticated raspberry, to be sure, but a different species). Thanks for the reminder that it’s just about wineberry season!!


  2. Wineberries, raspberries, it’s all good. Maybe a raspberry fool would be a fun, chill thing to make. I’m still trying to figure out how to make a dairy- free fool.

    Agree that getting scratched up while foraging is worth it. In fact, I was picking berries myself yesterday off of this city tree north of where I live in NYC. So random and fun. The purple stains on my fingers were worth it!


  3. Yes, it is all good! And raspberry fool sounds like a wonderful idea. I will let you know if I come across a non-dairy substitute for the whipped cream. I don’t know of any good ones offhand.

    And that’s so cool to hear about your foraging adventures in NYC! How fun! Euell Gibbons, in one of his books, writes about successfully taking on the challenge of finding a day’s worth of food in Central Park.

    By the way, the recipes on your site look amazing and your photos really jump off the page!


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  5. I can’t wait for our raspberries to ripen! Alas, the raspberries and strawberries are eaten by the kids straight from the garden before I ever get to make anything out of them. sigh…


    • While it’s sad that you might not have a chance to get the berries back to your kitchen to whip up a wonderful dessert, I certainly don’t blame your kids for wanting to eat them right away! I have trouble controlling myself sometimes 🙂


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  7. I’m so happy that I stumbled on this post. I bought a “bing cherry tree” from a shyster internet nursery that I was sure wasn’t a cherry tree. I looked for about an hour yesterday trying to identify it. I was thinking of just pulling it up. The cane and leaves look just like this plant. I guess I’ll know for sure if I get any berries. I have it potted which is probably a good thing since I don’t think I want it to spread. It would be nice to get some berries though.


    • Glad this post helped you identify that imposter plant! It will definitely be worth keeping the plant around for the berries. I love the phrase “shyster internet nursery” – I’ve never heard it before. At least they sent something that will produce fruit!


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