Miss Perfect

NOTE: This article first appeared in 2008 on my old blog, “Becoming Your Stellar Self.” I am republishing it on the 2nd anniversary of my newest blog, this one, “Herban Lifestyle.”

My first exposure to the blog world was back in 2003, when I learned about Heath Row’s Media Diet. Heath posted short bits on all types of media, often several times a day from his Sidekick. Through it, I learned about the latest in cool communication gadgets, publications and web-related resources. I found out about Ryze and LinkedIn, two of the earliest players in the Web 2.0 world, which became amazing resources for me. To me, Media Diet was the model for what blogging should be. And it inspired me. I started my first blog on Blogger in early 2004.

However, because of intense demands on my time, and a feeling that my posts had to be profound and exquisitely written, I found myself posting sporadically, and eventually closed down my blog. My feeling at the time was that if I didn’t do it extremely well, there was no point in doing it at all. The perfectionist part of me convinced me to stop doing something I enjoyed because I wasn’t doing it up to my own really high standards.

Last year, my interest in blog writing was reignited and Becoming Your StellarSelf was born, a reincarnation of my initial blog’s focus. I approached it with the attitude that I would write about topics that really interest me, whenever I was inspired, whenever I had the time. As a result, I’ve greatly enjoyed the process, and have found my blog to be a great creative outlet.

The other day, I came across a blog whose first entry was back in 2004, followed by a few in 2005, followed by a steady stream of entries from 2006 onward. I thought back to my first blog and felt rather wistful — I didn’t have to shut it down, I could have been happy writing when I had the time and inspiration, I could have accepted something less than perfection, and it would have been fine. Then I remembered that, this time around, I am doing exactly that.

Recommended Reading:
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*An article by the American Psychological Association that includes tips on overcoming perfectionism as it relates to writers’ block (written for grad students, but interesting anyway)


5 thoughts on “Miss Perfect

  1. Interesting, I was just thinking about this recently. I don’t blog daily, or even weekly at times, depending on what’s going on. Part of this is due to time constraints, but I do ask myself how much of this is due to perfectionism. For me, the writing flows pretty easily (knock on wood!), BUT getting good photos can sometimes be a challenge. I’ve done a few posts where I just went with whatever imperfect image I had taken. It must be alright, because the world’s still turning. 😉

    You’re right, perfectionism shouldn’t keep us from doing something we love.


  2. May this be an eye-opener for all bloggers out there. We should not be discouraged by the flaws we see in our blogs, others might see it the other way around. As long as you enjoy what you are doing, you’ll be fine.


    • Thank you, Kellie. In talking to other bloggers, it seems that many of us have the same fear that what we are writing isn’t “good enough,” but you are right, we should do it because we enjoy it, and that is the perspective I come from now, which makes the whole process easier!


  3. What a great post! I know exactly what those feelings of wanting perfection are. Blogging is a lot of work but I find that I’ve really enjoyed it and the contacts that I’ve made – like yourself. I think we need to treat it as a process and not an end?


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