Getting Organized

I have set many goals for Herban Lifestyle for 2011, and I just checked a big one off of my list. Get organized! As my company has grown, so has my need for large quantities of herbs, oils, packaging and more. And these items had grown unruly in the 10 x 15 space I have designated for these supplies. So, in January, I hired a friend’s husband to create built-in shelves at one end of my space, and it has made all the difference in the world.

Once the shelves were up and painted, I set out to find containers that would allow me to easily see and access my herbs and other items. Previously, they had been stored in the plastic bags they had come in, which were in turn stored in cardboard boxes. I wasted a lot of time going trying to find what I needed. Now it’s all is plain sight.

Good old Mason jars (which I use for making tinctures and infusions) along with Anchor’s square Frontier jars provide the perfect sizes and shape to maximize the space and highlight the natural beauty of my botanicals. And a series of baskets serve as tidy-looking mini drawers to hold tags, labels, ribbon, bags and myriad other small supplies.

Huge Anchor Montana jars hold large quantities of my most-used herbs, and translucent portable filing boxes keep my wool (hand-dyed by various Etsy crafters) safe and dry, as well as easily seen and accessed.

There is still some extra room for various display pieces and packaging. I am sure that this will get filled up before long. In the meantime, I am enjoying the “white space.”

In a less visible area of the space I have room to store my equipment, more packaging, more display pieces, and shipping materials.

An additional free-standing small white shelf holds miscellaneous glass and metal containers, along with a few pink-colored botanicals and other items.

While it took me a few weeks to find the right containers, then a couple of days to sort and transfer the contents from the aforementioned bags and boxes into the containers, I will net a huge savings of time from now on. Having these previously packed-in, hard-to-see, hard to access items at my fingertips, and easily viewed has saved me so much time. And now I will have time to check off the remaining items from the 2011 To Do List…

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12 thoughts on “Getting Organized

  1. This is inspiring! You should submit some pics to Unclutterer; they feature a “workspace of the week” to provide examples of how to do it right, and you nailed it! 🙂


    • Thanks, Sonia! I’m now wishing I had taken “before” pictures (I was too embarrassed about how it looked, but it would now make a nice contrast!). And thanks for the suggestion — I will definitely look into Unclutterer!


  2. I love the way everything looks in glass jars; I don’t make soap, so mine are less colorful and filled with bulk bin edibles instead. (Why does flour have to be a boring color?) Your jars look so tidy and full of promise lined up on the shelf, I’m sure just the sight of them will inspire you.


    • Thanks for your kind words! Seeing the various textures and colors has definitely has inspired me to come up with new formulations. And I wish I had a whole set of shelves just devoted to jars of dried edibles like those listed on your blog. I love the way that various dried beans and fruit look in glass jars. Good stuff!


  3. Beautiful! My workshop looks a heck of a lot like your “less visible” corner of the room lol! I mean really. Right down to the boxes of tins, bottles and jars stacked like puzzle pieces up to the ceiling. I could provide you a good fake “before” shot. (-;


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