Growing My Own Mushrooms

Day 2

I first heard of Back to the Roots‘ mushroom growing kit on The EcoMaker blog (where my shampoo bar, soap and solid lotion were recently reviewed). My family loves mushrooms (we are very much like Hobbits in that sense), so I thought it would be fun to grow our own.

Day 5

I ordered two kits from Back to the Roots, and they arrived in less than a week. They offer free shipping if you buy two or more sets. I have since seen the kits in my local Whole Foods. However, I will probably just order refills (the kits cost $19.95 each, and the refills are less than half that).

Day 8

It took a few days before the little buds appeared, but by Day 7, they were looking like mushrooms. We were all amazed at how quickly they grew, and how, even over the course of a few hours, they had mushroomed in size. Miraculous!

The “soil” in which the mushrooms grow is actually recycled coffee grounds, which can be used as mulch for one’s garden after the mushrooms have been harvested. They come in a compostable cardboard box. Very earth-friendly!.

Day 10

I sautéed them and we ate them as a side dish. However, it occurred to me that these meaty, nutty oyster mushrooms would be perfect for my vegan mushroom stroganoff recipe. I will definitely grow more of my own mushrooms. Next, I think I will try growing my own shiitakes

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12 thoughts on “Growing My Own Mushrooms

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  2. Hi Mary,

    This is Nikhil, one of the co-founders. Just wanted to thank you so much for this awesome post! Hope you enjoyed eating those mushrooms, they look delicious. I’ll definitely have to try out that recipe with the oyster mushrooms soon.

    We’re also in the works of developing a shiitake mushroom kit…. so stay tuned:) Thanks again!



    • Hi Nikhil! You’re welcome. I love your product and your business model. The mushrooms were great. I am using the second batch for tonight’s dinner! I would love to find out how to get a refill for my kit. And thanks for letting me know about your shiitake kits — I eagerly await their arrival in my local Whole Foods! Thanks, Mary


  3. Hi Mary – thanks for the post – I will be on the lookout at Whole Foods for them – wonder if they will grow in an apartment near the window???


    • You’re welcome, Amy. I’ve seen them in the packaged mushroom section of your Whole Foods.I grew them in my kitchen out of direct sunlight, so I’m sure they will be fine in your house. I just photographed them on the porch because the light is better 🙂


  4. I have wanted to grow my own mushrooms for a while, but didn’t know how. Thank you for posting this. I will have to check out one of those kits.


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