Wordless Wednesday: Artsy Pittsburgh

[Well, Less Wordy Wednesday, anyway]. Back in April, I had the good fortune of participating as a vendor in the Handmade Arcade in Pittsburgh, PA. I had never visited this city before, and was delighted to find that there was a thriving arts community there. With the little bit of spare time I had that weekend, I had a chance to visit the Warhol Museum, which contained some amazing art and art history.

Across the street, I was impressed to see a building fully adorned with the artwork of Shepard Fairey.

After surrounding myself with so much art, I felt inspired to create something. I was super happy that the museum had a DIY room, where I had a chance to use my silkscreening and collage talents.


4 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday: Artsy Pittsburgh

  1. What a great find! I love the work of Shepard Fairey, it’s like the genius of Peter Max and Roy Lichtenstein and Andy Warhol was all put in a blender and poured out with an important social message.

    Glad to see the Daw Suu mural up there; she may be free form house arrest now but Burma is far from free. The work continues.

    Cool that the Warhol Museum had a DIY area! I’m always inspired when surrounded by so much creativity; how great to have an immediate way to unleash some of that!


    • Thanks! It is an incredibly impressive mural. I love stumbling across things like this. And, yes, I wish more museums had DIY offerings for people of all ages, to unleash that creativity that they can inspire!


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