Cool Glass Straws and Hot Simple Syrup!


A couple of weeks ago, I struck up an Instagram friendship with the good folks over at fellow Green America certified sustainable business Glass Dharma, makers of the original glass straw. In talking to them, I mentioned that I would love a straw, so they sent me one!

It was beautiful and sturdy, and when I tested it out, I was struck by the fact that it doesn’t affect the taste of beverages the way plastic and paper straws do. It was also just fun to use! So the beautiful glass straw inspired me to try some new drink recipes.

I had recently bought a bottle of habanero lime syrup, and thought it would make an excellent sipping beverage. However, the habanero flavor was muted and tasted more like black pepper. So, I decided to try making my own.

In researching habanero simple syrup recipes, I came across Tipple Sheet’s habanero syrup recipe, which I adapted to make my own habanero lime drink.

Simple syrup ingredients:

  • 2 habanero peppers
  • 1 cup organic cane sugar
  • 1 cup water


I found these gorgeous habanero peppers at my local hispanic market.


Trim off the stem , and slice the peppers in half. I wanted to have the flavor and some of the heat, but not have it overwhelmingly hot, so I removed the seeds and the white membrane. If you want maximum heat, leave the seeds and membrane intact!

Many instructions I read recommended the use of rubber gloves in handling habaneros. I chose instead to just be careful not to touch the cut edges of the peppers. If you do this, please be careful. And don’t touch your eyes or your family members until you have thoroughly washed your hands after handling these hot peppers!


In a heavy-bottomed saucepan, combine 1 cup of water and 1 cup of organic cane sugar. Bring to a boil, stirring occasionally. When the mixture turns clear, add the habanero peppers.


Allow the mixture to come to full boil, then turn the heat down and allow it to simmer for 10 minutes

Remove from heat and allow the syrup to cool. Strain into a clean glass jar. The syrup will keep for about 2 weeks if kept refrigerated.


To make the Habanero Lime Drink, add 1 teaspoon of the habanero simple syrup to 8oz of still water or sparkling water. Add the juice of one half lime and some sugar to taste. This makes a refreshing, yet spicy, drink. Enjoy!


8 thoughts on “Cool Glass Straws and Hot Simple Syrup!

  1. Cool recipe – or hot really! I enjoy almost anything with pepper and lime. Add peanuts and coconut and we have an awesome Thai meal underway! Thanks for the inspiration.

    We use metal straws for the same reason. The metal ones can get banged around, but the glass straws definitely look more elegant! They also remind me of the pipettes we used to use in chemistry lab, so I imagine a group of the glass straws resting in a beaker.

    Speaking of kitchen chemistry, have you seen Chemex coffee makers? They’re glass, shaped like dimpled beakers, and work something like a French press. They’ve been around for decades, and like a French press use no energy – other than what you use boiling the water. The drip is slow, so the water stays on the grounds longer, creating a stronger flavor. I’ve greatly reduced my coffee consumption these days, but our Chemex remains on the counter.


    • Thanks, Rob 🙂 And I agree – pepper and lime makes an amazing flavor combination. As for the straws, the glass ones are pretty durable, although certainly not as durable as metal. However, I find that I can taste the metal ever so slightly, so glass is my current favorite. I used to have a Chemex coffee pot, but switched to a French press at some point. I will have to give it a try again sometime soon.


  2. You are my hero! I carry a straw by Glass Dharma in my purse at all times. It drives my family nuts. They each own one too but I am trying to set the example.


    • That’s funny Tammy, I was about to say the same thing about you! I don’t currently carry my straw, but will start doing so. Thanks for being an excellent environmental role model!


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