eco-friendly fabric arts in blue


Etsy Organic Team Treasury

Etsy Organic Team Treasury

I’ve been an Etsy seller since August 2008. Early on, I learned about the coveted Etsy Treasuries, which are collections of images curated by Etsy sellers. It’s a way to display your favorite items, play with colors and textures, promote your Etsy team, or just express your creativity. And if your treasury is popular enough, it may be chosen for the front page of Etsy.

The thing about Treasuries is, they only become available every once in a while. In hearing about other Etsians’ experiences in creating them, the words “pounce,” “snag” and “grab” are frequently used. Often those who have successfully snagged a treasury talk about spending hours waiting for an opening to come up.

While I loved the idea of creating a collection of items, curating my own mini museum display, as it were, the process sounded like a real drag. So I avoided even attempting it. 

However, this afternoon I knew I would be near my computer, and thought I would give it a try. I read a Storque blog article that gave step-by-step instructions, and I followed it to the word. It worked!

I have chosen, as my theme, “blue is the new green: eco-friendly fabric arts in blue,” featuring a sampling of the gorgeous knit and sewn items created by the Etsy Organic Team, of which I am a member. Here is the link to my first-ever treasury. Enjoy!