Je Suis à Paris


The following is an update from blogger Kia Guarino, on her adventures in Paris

I am currently sitting in my bed in the apartment I will be living in for the next two months, thoroughly exhausted and exhilarated by my first day here. Very different from my last stint with living abroad, I believe these next two months are going to be packed full with studies, volunteering and the occasional babysitting! I can’t wait for it all to get started!

Today was great. My wonderful host took me to a beautiful café on Trocadero where I had a croissant and a café crème. Of course, despite practicing for precisely these moments, I stared at the pretty waitress pretty blankly and had to be rescued from my lack of French skills. Hopefully that will change. I was also shown around the neighborhood, which is gorgeous despite the unusually cold weather. From that circle, which is a block form the apartment, the Eiffel Tower can be seen and is very large. Much of the day was simply situating myself with the area and transportation, etc., but just over 12 hours feels like a week! It’s all so exciting!


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