Great Paper Discovery


Lokta sign at Paper Source

Lokta sign at Paper Source



I am always on the lookout for creative packaging and wrapping ideas that are also earth-friendly. Currently, all of my products come in recyclable bottles or tins, and the labels are made from recycled paper printed with soy ink. I believe that there’s no reason that packaging can’t be attractive, fun AND sustainable.

So I was thrilled last week when I discovered Lokta paper at Paper Source in Old Town Alexandria. It is made from the fronds of the Lokta plant in Nepal, so no plants are destroyed in its production. It’s made by women’s cooperatives, so it provides a stream of income to the villages where it is handcrafted. The paper has a wonderful texture, and comes in solid colors, as well as attractive prints. A quick Google search showed that there are many online stores that carry Lokta paper.

Anyway, I bought a few pieces to try them out, and plan to create some new products so that I have an excuse to use them!


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