Valentine Chocolate Mint Soaps

Valentine Chocolate Mint Soap

Valentine Chocolate Mint Soap

A few months ago, when my naturopath recommended that I cut out certain foods from my diet (including wheat, dairy and sugar), I found myself compensating by developing new bath and body products that fed my cravings through their scent. My clients seemed to really enjoy these food substitutes, and so, for Valentine’s Day, I thought I would come up with a candy substitute. And that’s how my chocolate mint soaps were born.

These soaps are made to feed your chocolate cravings without a single calorie! They make a wonderful gift for someone special — including you! Made from pure vegetable oils and organic peppermint essential oil, organic cocoa powder, and tinted with pure vegetable coloring, this soap smells delicious and is super gentle on your skin.

 These yummy-looking soaps come packaged in a handmade lokta paper box, with shredded kraft.  Each box contains four .75oz/23g soaps, and retails for $14.00. Available from my Etsy store for a limited time.


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