New Natural Felted Soaps

felted_soapsToday I posted a new product to my Etsy shop, my felted organic soaps. I have been wanting to try this ever since I saw felted soaps in a pottery/gift shop in Sperryville, VA last year. 

I found a family farm that raises sheep and sells carded wool dyed with only vegetable dyes, and used this to wrap around my organic oversized soaps. It took a few tries to get it right, but I finally produced several nice examples.

The beauty of felted soap is that it makes the soap last longer, plus the wool acts as a gentle exfoliant. The wool shrinks as the soap gets smaller. And when the soap is all used up, you are left with a little felted pouch that you can reuse — you can even add a new bar of soap, sew it up and start all over again!


4 thoughts on “New Natural Felted Soaps

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