Etsy: The best thing since sliced bread


Capital Region Etsy Crest Team

A long time ago, my friend Amy told me about Etsy, where she sells her awesome jewelry and handbags. It’s a beautifully designed, extremely user-friendly web community for people who make handcrafted items and those who love to buy them! The array of items is mind-blowing. You can buy just about anything you can imagine, including, literally, sliced bread!

Since setting up my store last August, I discovered the concept of Etsy Teams, which are groups that come together over common themes (location, materials used, even religious affiliations). In looking through the list of teams, I came across the Etsy Organic Team, which seemed like it would be  a great match for my products. I applied, and got in. It’s great to see the range of items people are offering — clothing, bath and body, plants/seeds, even organic dog treats!

Etsy is a relatively new company, and has grown tremendously in a short time, which has caused some growing pains for the company and sellers. So, in an effort to learn more about the needs of its community, Etsy president Maria visited with several street teams to get feedback. Our team met with her in early December. I was incredibly impressed by her. She’s down-to-earth, intelligent, and a good listener. I got the sense that she is someone who really gets it. My takeaway from her meeting is that Etsy has leadership that understands the true value of what they are doing — creating community for crafters, people who would, for the most part be doing their creative thing on their own, with some contact at shows, etc. Etsy provides a forum, a space, where all of us individual crafters can come together to share ideas, concerns, aspirations and energy. 

Please stop by and visit my Etsy store and the general Etsy site to see what it’s all about.


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